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Combat archery



Battlezone Archery is an exciting combat game that allows players all the excitement of Dodgeball but using specially made bows and arrows.









Battlezone Archery uses the latest equipment available bringing you an action packed adrenalin filled game for all ages and all abilities. It is designed to be user friendly.

How To Play

A standard game will last 5-10 minutes and points are awarded during the game.

However a game is over when all members of a team are eliminated or the time on the clock runs out.

20 points are given for shooting a player from the opposing team on the;

Body (including the head)

Any of the equipment (bow, mask, etc)

Even if there is contact with clothing

40 points are given for knocking a bulb from any of the target cones and 40 points given for catching an arrow

Scores are then tallied and recorded before swapping sides for the next game.

Elimination of players can also be implemented whereby if you are shot by an arrow you will be removed from the game. This is until a member of your team can catch an arrow shot from the opposing team, or shoot all the bulbs off the target cones to add more risk to the game.

All games are played on a specifically built field layout including a dividing safety zone and purpose made bunkers for player protection.

The best thing is this game comes to you, at a venue provided by you or at one of the many venues that we work with already.


How Safe is Battlezone Archery

The equipment has been specially designed for the game. The Battlezone Archery arrows have a round rubber tip, this absorbs the impact when it hits a player. Each player will wear a safety mask for added protection to the head, and arm guards are provided to all players.


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